Hey everyone!


I don't know about you guys, but I noticed there are some very negative haters posting comments on Hulu or Twitter, etc.


I'm sure all of you have also experienced negativity from haters, either at school or elsewhere.  It's emotionally draining - and depressing - but the best thing to do is stay positive.  Be yourself.  Believe in who you are, your passion and what makes you happy - that will give you strength.


For me, I love Japan.  I love the fact that I brought manga to America.  I love seeing so many "genki" and positive otaku here in America.  And if there are haters and negative people out there, that's part of life.  It won't get me down - I enjoyed creating, directing and hosting the show, working with an awesome team, meeting all of you who I got to meet (both in person and online), and being inspired by all of your passion.


So, together we can overcome it all.





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Comment by Andre Jeanjacques on March 2, 2011 at 3:56pm
"IF they hate them then let them hate and watch the manga pile up" XD lets see them make a better show
Comment by Jeanette G. Brown on March 2, 2011 at 3:11pm

I know wht u mean Stu my so called "friends" actually called my anime addiction "CRAP" and one of them watches anime not as much as I do but still she watches them; and what really pisses me off is how they say "BUT ITS NOT REAL" like i don't know its not f***in real. LOL Gomenasai, I just get so angry thinking about it now. After it happened I went home and cried a little but that experience made me stronger because i realize that I cant let other people pull me down like that or else i really am a loser and they win. I tell people now that i like anime and manga but im also self-conscious on who i tell cause it can be people who don't  care and ask something,those who go blab it to other people making you the center of attention in a bad way,those who see you in a different light than before, and those who ask questions about hoping to get into it too. So the next time someone asks you "whats your hobby?" you can either stay true to you or lie to yourself like you've maybe done before but either way....

Ganbette ne !!!!!

Comment by Sara Baumann on March 2, 2011 at 2:11pm

I remember there was a long time where I was shunned for liking anime and manga, but I found friends and we persevered through it together! And everyone here, I feel, are like friends, and even if its us against the world, I have a good feeling we would win ;3 As long as everyone's able to see past the haters, we'll all be alright. And, really, you are one of the most awesomest people in the world, bringing manga to America, you are truly one of my heroes. And if you can through the haters, I know myself, my friends, and everyone who loves anime and manga can continue loving what they love. Arigatou gozaimasu for everything! The show, bringing manga to america, and the countless other things you've done :3

Comment by Jeanie Nigro on March 2, 2011 at 12:58pm

It's too bad that there's so much negativity for just liking something...Honestly, i guess part of why i love anime is because it's not really mainstream or popular, it's different from what most people like which makes it interesting. However, I'd like for people to at least respect it if they dont like it, and what's the point of posting a comment that's negative? I loved the first episode of AGO, and honestly cannot wait for the next one. We finally have a show about otakus, in fact this is going to keep me content until April when I go to Anime Boston. I'm so grateful for everything you've done, both the show and just bringing Japanese culture to America, arigatou gozaimasu :)

Comment by Stephanie Randolph on March 2, 2011 at 11:46am
Yes it is a part of life and really for me when i was in middle school i had a group of guys tell me my drawing sucked and that i would never be any good. That just made me wanna try harder. To prove them wrong. That was the 6th grade. Wow im 20 now lot of years ago, and look and wat ive acomplished. I'm a better artist than i ever thought i'd be. So what ive learned is sometimes you need the haters to inpire you to do better and keep going. Now when i have people say "oh why do u watch that stuff its stupid" I just ignore them and go on with my life. Aint no body gonna bring me down from my pasion! ( My mom always gives me crap for wearing cosplay so i have to hear it all the time. I guess it just made me a stronger person.)
Comment by Chris W. on March 2, 2011 at 9:10am
Is there anyway to delete the non constructive comments from hulu? If so please do.
Comment by kayla barnett on March 2, 2011 at 8:58am
y must ppl be some rude if u dont hav nothin nice to say shut ur mouth and stop watchin u butheads XD because it was a great episode
Comment by Stu Levy on March 2, 2011 at 7:22am
Thanks Alejandra!  Your comments show that we're all in the same boat - and that you're strong!
Comment by alejandra meza alvarado on March 1, 2011 at 4:27pm

heh :x haters, thats part of being an otaku   people try to get you down because they call it inmature not apropiate or even  gross, well who didint saw or grew up watching heidi or candy candy?  or even astro boy, saint seiya  in deed there are anime for adults, kids, family, thats just like life , isn`t it? there are shows that are not anime but  they have sexual content or shows that are simply  fun, they are just mind closed people  and what makes us love anime is infact that, we are OPENMINDED  we see trough soul trough   story... regardless of the images, regardles of what people say, i  even got confused and there was a time when i  tought that anime was  not RIGHT  but something told me you love it !! and

 frankly i dont care if it is bad or right or whatever... the only thing that  is valuable is that if you like it  and you are not harming people .. WHAT`S WRONG WITH IT?

stu .. congrats on this show !! :D i really love it :3



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