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Tell Us Why YOU Are
America's Greatest Otaku!

The Grand Prize is...
*A Trip to Tokyo!
*A Special Feature in the final episode of the America's Greatest Otaku show!
*The reigning title of America's Greatest Otaku!

To be eligible, applicants must...
*Be a US citizen.
*Be 13 years of age or older.
*Have the permission of their parents to be a part of America's Greatest Otaku (AGO) if they are 13-17 years old.
*Select ONE Tour city to apply through.
*Be in-town and available when the Tour visits their city.
*Be cool with being on camera.

To apply, applicants should...
*Create a ning profile.
*Upload an application video.
*Upload an application photo.
*Complete and submit the online application form below.

Before you apply, definitely check out the Official Application Requirements! There are special rules about how you name your video and photo.

More Info:
Official Tour Dates
Terms and Conditions

When is the deadline?
Applicants must submit at least two weeks before the Tour visits the city they are applying through. The first deadline is June 19 for applicants from Los Angeles, CA. The final deadline is August 7 for applicants from AGO at Large and Chicago, IL.

List of Application Deadlines by City

Missed your city's deadline or can't apply online?
Learn how to apply on the spot!

Good Luck!



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